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Arcata, CA, January 24, 2011

Sun Valley Adds Canadian Tulip Production Facility Tulip production has started at Sun Valley's newest production location in St. Catherine Ontario. The farm is located just 30 miles from the USA-Canada border and can efficiently service our customers in the Northeast and Midwest USA, as well as Eastern Canada. Sun Valley acquired the farm in the Niagara region of Canada as a strategic move to provide a high quality, soil grown tulip to the east coast of North America. Tulip production is scheduled from January 2011 through Mother.s Day.

Existing Sun Valley tulip customers will be delighted that the Canadian tulips are grown using the same criteria as those grown in California. A skilled team of Sun Valley team members have spent the last few months getting the farm operationally ready according to Sun Valley standards. Now the tulip growing process at the Canadian farm mimics that of the Arcata farm, meaning the highest quality bulbs are selected from around the world; they are planted in soil and spend their .winter. in coolers; and the tall, thick-stem, large-bud tulips are grown.

Tulips can be shipped directly from the Canadian facility or from fresh inventory staged at facilities in Chicago and New Jersey.
To check out the exceptional quality, please contact the Sun Valley Group sales team at (800) 747-8700.
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