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At Sun Valley we appreciate the roles that the Floral Industry Media in particular and the Press in general, play in developing our industry. You are welcome to access our news, photo images and advertising to assist in this purpose, acknowledging appropriate copyright.

We jokingly say “We are farmers” but there is some truth to that – we have issued many more flowers than press releases. Feel free to contact us about any topics you find interesting or important to the industry, even if we have not issued a related press release. See the Press Release page.

Because the heart and soul of our industry is the beauty of flowers, we offer print quality images of our more notable cultivars. On the Photo Library page, you can preview each image with download information to enable you to determine your optimal access strategy. To preview a larger but low resolution version of any image before downloading simply click on the thumbnail in the gallery. In addition to the high resolution images, Floral Industry Media are welcome to request permission to use any of the lower resolution images throughout The Sun Valley Group website. Please request permission via the contact us page.

The Floral Industry benefits from the many professional publications that keep us abreast of new developments and allow us to share ideas. Like any publications, they depend on advertising revenue to support printing and circulation. Advertising in industry publications is a win-win portion of Sun Valley’s communication strategy – we benefit because we can send our ideas to the industry and the industry benefits from a strong media! We hope you’ll enjoy our current advertising on the Advertising page.
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