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The World of Sun Valley
The World of Sun Valley

Providing for year-round production

Optimal for post-harvest care

Packing, shipping and in-house bulb storage

Taking advantage of each location's unique climate

Working to meet Sun Valley's customers' needs

Passionately committed to grow the best flowers

Lilies, Irises, Tulips, Gerbera, Delphinium, Matsumoto Asters, Hypericum, Cotinus

The Stargazer Lily was hybridized on The Sun Valley Group's Arcata farm location. Dr. Leslie Woodriff, in 1974, developed what has now become the most popular oriental lily in the world, the Stargazer lily. Since the introduction of the Stargazer, Sun Valley produces Stargazers with a more intensely colored red bloom distinguishing the Sun Valley stargazer from the competition.

Stargazer blooms are dark pinks to reds with delicate white edges and dark freckling. The Stargazer offers a generous bloom size and a delightful fragrance.

Putting Down Roots - Past and Present
The World of Sun Valley

THE SUN VALLEY GROUP, INC grew from small beginnings in Myrtle Point, Oregon. A high school Agriculture teacher and one of his students founded the farm with five acres of irises and a few rows of daffodils.

The business purchased an additional farm location in Arcata, California in 1969, naming the new location Sun Valley Bulb Farm. The cool coastal climate and fertile soil proved to be an excellent place to grow bulb flowers and seasonal field crops. Sun Valleys business expanded with the hybridizing of oriental lilies such as the well-known Stargazer. Demand for Sun Valleys flowers grew rapidly, and in 1984 the farm saw completion of its first Dutch glass greenhouse, allowing Sun Valley to grow lilies year round.

In 1991, the current owners of The Sun Valley Group, Inc. purchased the assets of the Arcata operation, changing the name from Sun Valley Bulb Farm to Sun Valley Floral Farms. Focusing on producing the best quality in cut bulb flowers, Sun Valley continued to build a positive reputation and demand for the flowers spread. By 1996, the farm had become a national leader in Lilies, Irises and Tulips.

Sun Valley entered the bouquet market in 1999 with the creation of Sun Pacific Bouquet. With the extensive line of farm grown products from Sun Valley, Sun Pacific Bouquet offers Sun Valley's high standards in quality, freshness and varieties, conveniently prepared in exciting bouquets and bunches of popular flowers and foliage.

At about this time, Sun Valley also acquired a small farm in Willow Creek, California, about an hour drive through the low mountains east of the Arcata farm. This farm provides a unique microclimate conducive to producing specialty crops for creative designs, such as Ilex and Rosehips.

In 2001, Sun Valley acquired Pleasant Valley Flowers, Inc. and Golden Coast Nurseries in Oxnard, California in the sunny Ventura valley. This enhanced Sun Valley's product line with seasonal climate differences and added additional greenhouse capacity. The Sun Valley Group, Oxnard Division, currently produces Lilies, Irises, Gerbera, Germinis, Matsumoto Asters, and Delphinium as well as other seasonal crops.

In August 2003, Sun Valley Floral Farms, Pleasant Valley Flowers and Sun Pacific Bouquet became The Sun Valley Group, Inc.

The West Coast Evergreen Division was developed in 2005, adding a full line of high quality and fresh Pacific Northwest greens. West Coast Evergreen features a large line of year-round evergreen products, a delightful assortment of seasonal items and a lush line of Christmas greens for the holidays.

In 2011, Sun Valley acquired a small farm located in St. Catharine's, Ontario. Its location allows Sun Valley to better serve customers in the Midwest and East Coast with the freshest soil grown Tulips and Oriental Lilies possible.

Today, The Sun Valley Group encompasses a family of quality floral brands including Sun Valley Floral Farms, Pleasant Valley Flowers, Sun Pacific Bouquet and West Coast Evergreen, and the Orchid, Sonata, Love, Royal, Lilytopia, and Dublet Lilies Brands, and Redwood Grove French Tulips Brand.

The Sun Valley commitment is simple, to create the best floral experience through operational excellence. Combining a commitment to quality control, state-of-the-art technologies, the best bulb and flower stock, superb growing conditions, and a workforce of dedicated team members, Sun Valley brings flowers to market, Creating a World of Color.

The World of Sun Valley
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