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Join J and Lane DeVries as they explore Sun Valley’s Flower Farm in Arcata CA! Known for the Excellence of their Sun Valley Soil Grown Tulips; Lane shares the multitude of steps Sun Valley takes to provide the BEST Flowers! Whether it’s Soil Grown Tulips, Iris or Lilies, the Dedication and Passion of the Sun Valley Group is a sight to behold.

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Join J and Gerrit VanDerKooy, General Manager of the Oxnard Division of Sun Valley Flower Farms, for a tour of this World Class Flower Farm Operation. From Seedling or Bulb, Sun Valley Group's exceptional attention to Growing Details produces some of the Finest Flowers in the Industry! You'll be amazed at the sheer Magnitude of this Flower Facility in Oxnard California!

See the video where you can learn a little history of Sun Valley and hear about why the farm's choice location is the California north coast county of Humboldt. Humboldt Made is a series of segments featuring the entrepreneurs of Humboldt County, showcasing its beauty and world class products. This segment features Lane DeVries of Sun Valley Floral Group.

Directed & Produced by Maria Matteoli
Director of Photography: Kenneth Thomas
Music by Pearce Merritt

See the video featuring Sun Valley flowers, shot on the beautiful California north coast.
Directed & Produced by Maria Matteoli


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